Ever wondered who is the GridViewGuy. Well, check this Non-Technical Post to find out.

As in the last post I promised that this blog will be non-technical and I am sticking up with my promise. It’s pretty hard to not to keep write any technical stuff since I am an application programmer and thats what I do all day long. Anyway, I guess the first thing I can post about is well “MySelf”.

My name is Mohammad Azam and I was born and raised in karachi, Pakistan. I have two brothers and no sister. One big brother is going to Ohio since he got a job there and my younger brother is in karachi, Pakistan with my parents.

Ohh yeah I forgot to tell you that I am 24 years old :) and guess what I am married. Yeah I am the only one of my brothers who is married. Actually I just got married on August 12 2005. My wife is still in California doing her studies. I am stuck here in cowboy state Houston, Texas. Actually I don’t know why people think that Houston is filled with cowboys. I am living here for 4 years now and I don’t see people on the horses or wearing hats but on the other hand I don’t go out that much.

Anyway, let’s continue my story. So, I am in Houston and doing a job as an application developer after graduating from University of Houston.
Right now I live in a very small apartment and basically I got nothing much to do so I read computer related books and do programming mostly all the time. Yeah you might thing this is boring actually it is but as I said there is nothing much to do.

Anyway, this was a small introduction about me. There is much more to know which I will post later.
Take care,