In this article we are going to use JQuery to create a fade in fade out effect. The fade in fade out effect can be used to notify the user that some operation has happened. The fade in will capture the user's attention and the fade out will make sure that the space is not occupied by the stale message.

Recommend Reading:

If you are new to JQuery then we suggest that you check out the JQuery documentation about using the effects.

Implementing Fade In Fade Out Effect:

JQuery has many effects already defined in its strong belt of tricks. This includes fadeIn, fadeOut, slideUp, slideDown etc. Unfortunately, the FadeInFadeOut effect is not included in the library. But that is OK! because we can easily add this effect to the jQuery functions and reuse the effect at our own pleasure.   

Here is the one way to create the effect:

First, the fadeIn is fired and after 2 seconds the callback function is fired which in turn fires the fadeOut function. This will work as expected but writing this amount of code everytime we need a fadeInFadeOut effect is just too much. Let's see how we can reduce some code.
In the code below we have extended the fn (function) of jQuery base library by attaching our own personal function called fadeInFadeOut.

Now we can use the above function like this:

And here is the effect:

There is another way to produce the same effect. Check out the following code:

In the above code the message will fadeIn at the rate of 2 seconds and then fade out after 2 seconds.


JQuery provides many build-in effects to ease the developer pain. JQuery also provides the animate function which is used to create custom animations. You can also extend the JQuery functions by attaching your own functions.

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