In this podcast Mohammad Azam interviews Ben Scheirman about ASP.NET MVC Framework. ASP.NET MVC framework is an ASP.NET framework developed on the MVC principles. The framework allows for clean separation of concerns and test driven development.

Ben Scheirman is the Principal Consultant with Sogeti in Houston, TX. Ben is also Microsoft ASP.NET MVP and Microsoft ASP.NET Insider.

Ben interests include agile practices such as test-driven development, refactoring, continuous integration, domain driven design, and more.  He also frequently cover object-relational mapping concepts with NHibernate.

Ben lives in Houston with his wife and five beautiful children.  When he is not working, he is usually hanging out with my family, playing video games, or playing guitar.

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Length: 46:52

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Show Notes:

Ben Scheirman blogs at
2) ASP.NET MVC Website
3) ASP.NET MVC in Action