In this article Mohammad Azam explains that ideas for a new app are everywhere. Implementation of the idea is more than having an idea.

One thing I constantly hear from people is that ALL the ideas have been implemented for the iPhone apps. Everything is done already and there is nothing to make. This kind of thinking makes a new comer drift away from iPhone development and pursue a different opportunity. 

I believe in the exact opposite! In my opinion ideas are dime a dozen! It is only a matter of correctly implementing them. One of the big problems in the iPhone app market is that everyone is looking for an easy way to get rich. So, they take the obvious approach of copying the most famous app in the market. That is why the Apple app store is filled with tons of fart apps. 

I do believe that profit from your app is an excellent motivation to continue building more app but I strongly believe that your passion for development is more important. If you are passionate about your app and you do a good job then money will automatically come to you. Make your app to express your passion for iPhone development NOT the greed for money.

People often asked me where did you get the idea for this app! Sometimes I do not have an answer since the idea just popped out of nowhere but often my idea is related to the toys I played with in my childhood. I think if you are looking for a new idea take a peek in your childhood and look at all the fun toys you played with and then try to make that game with a twist of modern technology. The ideas are not only limited to the toys but also games that you played with your family. Maybe your elders invented a family game that you played around Thanksgiving or Christmas. You can convert that game into an iPhone app.

What do you think?