It is official! In a few days the year 2010 will be over and we will have exactly one more year to live. I assume everyone already knows that Armageddon will hit the planet Earth in 2012 and everyone will die. Everyone except cockroaches of course!

Here are some of the highlights of my year 2010 in the order they happened:

*) MVP award renewed for year 2010.
*) Age += 1 => I turned 29!!
*) Went to the MVP summit with my wife and had a great time enjoying the beautiful Seattle.
*) Bought my first iPhone 3GS
*) Bought my first Macbook PRO
*) Published my first iPhone app "ABC Pop" in the app store
*) Mehreen Azam was born on October 22nd 2010 => This was the happiest day of my life. I cannot even explain the feeling of looking at your baby for the first time. I do not think anyone can explain that moment. As, I am writing this post Mehreen is fast sleep in the swing set.
*) Published 123 Pop Kids in the app store.
*) Ate lobster for the first time.
*) My article Tour the jQuery Framework was published in ASPProMagazine on the front cover.
*) My article Unit Testing CLR Assemblies Using IronRuby was published in CodeMagazine.
*) Hosted the first FREE webinar on iPhone Development Using Cocos2d Framework.

The year 2010 is a very special year for me! A lot of good things happened for me and my family. I hope everyone have a great 2010 year and even better future years.