Couple of weeks back I started my blue ball experiment. The experiment/challenge was to sit on the exercise ball for 2 weeks at work.

Embarrassing NO! tiring yes!  

This all started when I saw Leo Laporte sitting on the exercise ball while doing his famous TWIT show. Leo explained that sitting on the ball makes him fit as he is balancing and exercising his muscles all the time. This was perfect for me as the only exercise I get every week is playing Cricket on Friday nights.. GO CRICKET!!

I purchased the exercise ball for $25 which replaced my $800 Herman Miller Mirra chair at work. No offense to Herman Miller Mirra which is an excellent chair but I needed to get some exercise done. First couple of days on the ball were horrible. My back was hurting like crazy and I wanted to quit. But then I thought the only reason my muscles are hurting is that they have never been exercised. With some motivation from "The Office" video I continued my quest of the blue ball.

After few days I became comfortable with my new chair. Now I can proudly say that I am exercising 8 hours a day. The ball keeps me active and when I am bored I can simply bounce on the ball and annoy my coworkers.

For those who thinks I am kidding about me sitting on the exercise ball here is my desk at the office.