A new podcast is coming to town. The podcast discusses the popular Cocos2d framework.

I started Cocos2d development back in October 2010. Like many other developers I fell in love with Cocos2d framework. Cocos2d framework allowed me to accelerated my game development. Cocos2d framework reduced hours into minutes and allowed me to published 4 iPhone games in a short span of time.  

123 Pop Kids
Pop the Color

At that time I started thinking how I can give back to the Cocos2d community. I started writing articles and making videos and getting them published on my website. You can check them out at the following link:

Mobile Development Articles on HighOnCoding

I even started an open source game "Space Demon" which is available on Github.

Space Demon on Github

But still I was wondering different ways to contribute. I talked to Steffen Itterheim
(@gaminghorror) and I am (@azamsharp) happy to announce that we will be hosting a Cocos2d podcast in the very near future. The podcast will cover news, development, games related to Cocos2d framework.

I believe the podcast will help developers to keep up to date with the Cocos2d framework and discover new ways and ideas to solve problems.