I believe that the biggest advantage of being in software development is the support we receive from the community. When I entered into the Cocos2d community back in October 2010 I had little or no knowledge about iPhone game development. The Cocos2d community helped me learn the framework and create games. In a span of couple of months I put out several games in the app store all created using Cocos2d framework.



123 Pop Kids

Pop the Color

I think it is time to give back to the Cocos2d community! I am planning to create extensive amount of screencasts covering all aspects of the Cocos2d framework. The series will begin from the very start explaining how to install the Cocos2d framework and then move on to intermediate and advanced topics. This is a big task and it might go on for couple of months. I will be posting the screencasts as soon as each is done.

All the screencasts will be hosted on my site www.highoncoding.com or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel.

So, stay tuned and enjoy the screencasts!