This post represents 14 days in the future which means I am writing this post from the past. Wait! that does not sound right! Basically I am in the present and I am writing about the future.

You might ask one simple question:

Why 14 days?

The quick answer is the Armageddon is happening in 14 days. I am just kidding let's just say that I have a bit of free time in my hands and I want to utilize that time correctly so it can benefit the iPhone community.

Learning Cocos2d Screencast Series:

The Learning Cocos2d Screencast Series is aimed for developers who are interested in learning about the awesome Cocos2d framework by watching educational screencasts. I already have published 8 parts which covered different topics related to the Cocos2d framework. If you are unaware of this FREE learning opportunity then I highly recommend subscribing to my channel on YouTube.


Articles usually takes a lot of time to write but time is what I have right now! I have several articles lined up in the queue which will be published on HighOnCoding website.


In case you do not know I have started a podcast "Cocos2d Podcast" with Steffen Itterheim. We have already published 3 episodes and got great feedback from the community. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.  

Although I have been doing iPhone development webinars on biweekly basic, the last Cocos2d related webinar took place back in December. I plan to host a webinar in May 2011 which will cover the physics aspects in Cocos2d game development.   

Here is the list of recordings of the previous webinars:

Introduction to iPhone Game Development

Introduction to iPhone Development

Introduction to Objective C for iPhone Development

How to get updates?

The easiest way to get all the updates about podcasts, webinars, screencasts, articles etc is to follow me on twitter (@azamsharp).