In this post Mohammad Azam will share his experience on attending the Houston Code Camp 2011.

Last Saturday I had to bail on my Cricket team to attend Houston Code Camp. And I have to admit that it was an awesome decision. We even had people coming from Austin attending Houston Code Camp and I am truly thankful to them. The great thing about the Houston Code Camp was that it had sessions for everyone. So, if you are a .NET developer, Rails developer or an iPhone developer you are at the right place.

My session was about "Introduction to iPhone Game Development Using Cocos2d Framework" which was well received by the audience. If you have missed this session then do not worry I will have similar sessions at Houston Tech Fest 2011 on October 15th 2011.

I also broke my unfortunate streak of not winning anything at tech events and finally won an awesome book.

In the end I would like to thank all the sponsors, specially Jetbrains. I would also like to thank all the organizers specially Ben, Peter and Zain. Thank you everyone for attending and see you next year.


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