Houston TechFest 2011 is just around the corner and I can already feel the electricity in the air. This post is dedicated to the topics I will be presenting at the Houston Tech Fest 2011. If you are in Houston on October 15 2011 then you MUST attend the Houston TechFest.

I will be presenting two topics and both on iPhone development. Here is the summary of my sessions.

Introduction to iPhone Game Development Using Cocos2d Development:

In this session I will introduce iPhone game development using the Cocos2d framework. The session will cover building a simple Balloon Pop game which will demonstrate different features of Cocos2d framework. These features include actions, collision detection, particle system, menu creation and much more. This will be a highly code based session with minimal slides. The screenshot below shows what we will be building in the session.

Physics Game Development Using Cocos2d Framework, Space Manager, LevelHelper and SpriteHelper

In this session I will demonstrate how to create a physics enabled game using Cocos2d. I will be using Space Manager framework to create a game similar to angry birds. In the end I will show the LevelHelper and SpriteHelper tools which can greatly simplify game level development. The screenshot bellows shows what we will be building in the session.

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