iOS5 has been released and one of the awesome things is the ability to publish your own magazine using the Newsstand framework. Couple of months ago I had an idea for the Cocos2d magazine for the iPad. In this post we will discuss that idea in detail.

Cocos2d Magazine will be a monthly magazine which will publish articles submitted by the users. A website will allow the users to submit their articles for approval. Approved articles will make their way to the next issue of the Cocos2d magazine. Users will get a notification on their iPad that a new issue is available and they can download it to their iPads. Each issue will contain 5-8 articles. There are number of dependencies for this project:

1) Authors: We need authors who can contribute 1500-2000 words articles every month.
2) Cover Image: We need designers/illustrators who can create the front cover of the magazine for each month.
3) We need editors who can proof read the articles and make alterations when necessary.
4) We need to host a website which will accept the articles.

I have also decided that the Cocos2d Magazine should be FREE of cost. The revenue (if any) should only be generated using iAds.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this new adventure!