The Cydia app on my unlocked and jailbroken iPhone 3GS has never tempted me to steal money from the iOS developers. And that is the main reason that I have always paid for all my apps on my iOS devices.

I admit I do not download that many apps but even if I did I would never change my current method. The reason is NOT that I am rolling in money (far far from it) but because I RESPECT the developers and their hard work. Being an iOS developer myself I can testify that it is hard to create good iOS applications and the applications getting downloaded for free through third party apps are not returning any favor to the developer.

Most people’s response for downloading apps through Cydia is that what if I don’t like the app. Unlike buying goods from the web the refund policy does not apply to the apps. Some apps do allow the user to download a FREE or LITE version which gives an idea about the app but most applications are tagged with a selling price. The price tag is there for a reason because if you are allowed to use the app and then get a refund then everyone will be getting a refund once they get bored with the app or just to get the app for free.

If you are concerned about spending $0.99 on an app then make sure you read the complete description along with the user reviews before pressing the “Buy” button. Just remember if you are not paying for a paid product then you are stealing it.