I have been quite busy for last couple of weeks. I have been working on number of things and wanted to let everyone know more details about my upcoming projects and adventures.

1) Charity Water Donation

I have blogged about this before and this is number one on my list. I have started a campaign for Charity Water which allows to provide fresh clean water for the people in Ethiopia. All the contributions I receive through HighOnCoding and AzamSharp YouTube Channel will be used for this great cause. I humbly request everyone to open their heart and donate whatever is possible. Use the following link to take park in the campaign.


2) iPhone App

I am working on my new iPhone app. It will *not* be a game. I am creating a small utility which I believe will be very useful for individuals or groups. Although the app is not complicated in nature but a great deal of effort is put in design and user experience. Here is a screenshot of the main screen. Can you guess what it is?

3) Articles

At present I am working on several different articles ranging from Implementing Ghetto Birds (Parallax Scrolling) and Consuming WCF RESTFul Services Using iOS Application. You can read all my articles on HighOnCoding.

4) Screencasts

I am proud to say that we have passed 1700 subscribers milestone on AzamSharp YouTube Channel. Thank you very much for your support! There are lots of upcoming screencasts ranging from iOS development to Cocos2d game development.

5) Speaking Engagements

I have been honored to be speaking at the 360iDev conference in Denver on September 10 2012. My session will revolve around creating physics enabled iOS game using Cocos2d and LevelHelper. If you have not registered for 360iDev then don’t wait any longer or you will regret it. Register for 360iDev now!!

Apart from 360iDev speaking engagement I am also speaking at Houston Tech Fest which is scheduled for September 8 2012. Houston Tech Fest is the largest technical conference in Houston. Last year around 900+ people showed up and enjoyed different variety of sessions. You can register for Houston Tech Fest here.   

6) Work

Apart from doing all the things above I also work full time as a Mobile Developer for Neudesic. Although this is only my first month with Neudesic, I am amazed at the talent here and really enjoying every single day.

7) Webinars:

I am also thinking about hosting a live webinar course on Cocos2d Game Development for iPhone. This will be a paid to attend webinar and will comprise of 4 sessions over the 4 weeks time frame. If I get good response on Twitter about paid webinars then I will try to host it in the near future.