Recently, I have been trying out CodeCanyon for selling the source code of my apps. I have already listed ABC Pop, UltraCam and Mathemachicken on the CodeCanyon website. The process of submitting the app is pretty simple, just follow their guidelines and make sure the documentation is up to the standards.

CodeCanyon is responsible for pricing your app and they take 50% of the profits. I have heard that they used to take 70% profits which is kind of insane. You will only get 50% if you OPT in their program and sell exclusively on their website. If you are interested in selling your component elsewhere then your share is only 33%-35%.

I also recently discovered BinPress which is quite similar to CodeCanyon but they take 30% share. BinPress also allows you to set the price for the component and allow you to designate different licenses to your component. I have already submitted my apps to BinPress but it seems like they are mainly interested in the components and not complete apps. Hopefully, it will get approved as a starter kit and I will be able to sell stuff on BinPress too.

If you have experience in selling components on CodeCanyon or BinPress then share your thoughts and send me an email at azamsharp at

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