I had the idea for iOS Developer Magazine for a long time. The idea is pretty simple. Currently, the iOS community does not have a digital magazine on the Newstand app. In this post I will go over my idea for the magazine.

My idea is to create a website where people can submit information about the article that they think will provide valuable information to the developers. The information submitted can be title, link and abstract. Once the user submits the information it will be posted on the website. Other users can now up vote or down vote the article. Every month the votes will be counted and the best 10-15 articles will become available in the iOS Digital Magazine through the Newstand app. This process will make sure that the absolute best of the best articles are surfaced to the top. The articles that were not published can race again for the next month spot.

I believe that the iOS Developer Magazine will provide a very useful resource for all the developers. Let me know what you think! You can email me at azamsharp@gmail.com or follow me on twitter @azamsharp.