On May 17 2012 I received the following email from John Wilker. " Hey There Mohammad, We're about to publish the schedule, but wanted to let you know first that… you're in as a speaker for 360|iDev 2012! Your submission "Creating Physics Enabled iOS Games Using Cocos2d Framework" was great!"

The first though that came to my mind was "HOLY SH**" I will be speaking at the 360iDev event. Although I have been speaking for a very long time, this was first time that I will actually fly out of Texas for a speaking engagement.

The 360iDev conference was scheduled from September 9-12. I was also speaking at the Houston Tech Fest event on September 8. I joked about wearing a mustache at the Houston Tech Fest as shown in my tweet below:

Weirdly enough the next day when I arrived in Denver I found this in my speakers goodies bag:

Coincidence! NO! I truly believe that the 360iDev team read my tweet and made it their absolute priority to provide all the speakers with a handsome set of mustache.

My session was scheduled for Monday from 2:00 - 3:10 PM. It went pretty good and was attended by around 20 people. I also gave away 3 copies of LevelHelper and SpriteHelper to the lucky winners. I found that most people were amazed at the features provided by both the tools. I took a picture of the session board which will remind me in the future that I spoke at 360iDev event.

Apart from giving a session I also attending number of awesome sessions.

100-Andrew Trice – Kick A$$ iOS Apps with PhoneGap

In this session Andrew Trice explained the purpose of PhoneGap. He showed number of applications that are based on the PhoneGap framework. Andrew was also kind enough to share some of the apps he is working on and the challenges he faced in building those applications.

Brian Robbins – 3 years and still kicking

This was my favorite session. Brian Robbins explained the success and failures he encountered on the app store. The main purpose of the session was to evaluate what worked and what did not worked in the last 4 years in the App Store.

Jaimee Newberry – zOMC! (Oh My Clients!)

Jaimee Newberry is part of Black Pixel and anyone who is part of Black Pixel is simply super awesome. Jaimee advocated the idea of communicating clearly with the clients. She also mentioned that there should be a strong relationship between the designer and the developers. The session was around 30 minutes and the rest of the time was Q&A.

There were number of other sessions that I attended which also included the general sessions.

The 360iDev team also made arrangement for us to go and enjoy mini golf. I was part of 5 other golfers who competed in a game of mini golf. Each person has a different color ball. Mine is green!

The reason you don't see the green ball is that I hit HOLE IN ONE! THAT IS HOW I ROLL!

On the last day 360iDev team organized the viewing of the Apple event. Here is a picture where everyone is glued to the iPhone 5 announcements.

Apart from all the fun at the 360iDev event I occasionally took long walks to clear my thoughts.

Apart from all the sessions and serious golf I get to meet some awesome people like Ray Wenderlich, Vicki Wenderlich, Jacob Gunderson.

I have been to a lot of conferences but I must admit that 360iDev was the most organized and funnest conference ever. If you are an iOS developer then you should definitely check out 360iDev next year.