The iBooks framework has enabled authors to self publish their creative work electronically without having a middle man in between. We see more and more individuals leveraging the power of iBooks to publish their books. With your help I would like to publish an iBook to help a charity organization.

Recently, I have been working on my vegetable gardening app called "Vegetable Tree". I spent considerable amount of time and effort implementing this application. Currently, the application is waiting in the queue for the review.

During the process of implementing Vegetable Tree I had to make some tough decisions. I had to decide against some features. I realized that the real art in designing the application is not to add features in it but to eliminate features. Each of my decision is well documented as why it was taken and how it will benefit the user as well as maintain the integrity of the application.

I believe that every developer/designer goes through these decisions when making their product and that is why I am interested in publishing an iBook which covers 10 or more apps and the decisions made during the development. I want the book to be theoretical instead of code based and it should support the theory with app screenshots/images.

The earnings from the book will be used towards "Charity Water", which provides drinking water to the people around the world. Currently, I am looking for authors who are interested in this great adventure. If you are excited then email me at

Thank you!