I developed my first iPhone game, ABC Pop in just 7 days. Although it is a very simple game to develop but I had no prior Mac, iOS or Cocos2d experience and that made it more challenging. The lessons I learned in those 7 days formed the basis for my new games and helped me understand the language and framework much better. Now you can become part of something fun and awesome! One game a month brings the challenge to you.

One Game a month is a year long game jam in which you create a new game every month. If you believe that this is not possible then check out this post where the creator of One Game a Month challenge has actually done it. Also, notice that how every game is different from the other. The main purpose of this challenge is to have fun and learn a lot of things that usually takes years and years to learn.

I encourage every one to take part in this awesome fun adventure!

You can find more information using the following resources:

Official Website for OneGameAMonth