In this article Mohammad Azam will discuss how to correctly submit your iAd enabled iPhone app screenshots to the app store.

iAd is a wonderful advertising framework and quite frankly I have been more profitable using the iAds than selling the app for a price. One of the things people often forget when submitting screenshots of iAd enabled application to iTunes connect is that Apple does not want your screenshots to have test banner ads. The screenshot below shows the screenshot which contains the test banner ads.


So, make sure when you submit an iAd enable app to the app store the screenshots does not have the test ad banner or else your app will be REJECTED.

There are number of ways of removing the banner. My initial approach to remove the banner was to comment out the banner code and then run the app on my device again. This was pretty lame as a much better and easier approach was to simply turn off the internet connectivity of the device and the banner will automatically go away.

If the banner does not go away without internet connection then you got some serious problems in our app that needs to be fixed before submitting the app to the app store.

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NOTE: Also, make sure to first enable iAds for your application before uploading the app to the iTunes connect.

PS: The screenshot above was taken from the latest game "Pop the Color" which will be available in the app stores soon.